Frustrating Fleetingness on the Medium mobile app

A paradox of choice becomes a Sophie’s choice

An abundance of interesting Medium story headlines with a short shelf life
  1. I select one to read, but don’t finish reading it right away.
  2. Later on, I return to the story and finish reading it.
  3. I click “back” with the intention of reading another one of the potentially interesting stories I’d seen earlier.
  4. Many / most of the stories I’d seen earlier have been replaced with new ones.
  • Click on the bookmark icons under the interesting headlines without clicking on any stories. The problem with this method is that my bookmark list quickly fills up with stories in which I have varying degrees of interest .. which, over time, makes it all the more daunting to wade through the backlog. This is the pattern I experienced years ago, when I first started — and soon stopped — using the Pocket browser extension (back when it was called ReadItLater).
  • Take screen snapshots of my mobile home screen and toggle between the photos and the app to search for the stories that have disappeared from the home screen. This is a cumbersome process, and wouldn’t scale well for the same reasons as outlined above (I only tried it once).
  • Don’t click on any stories on my mobile — to maintain a static list of stories (during a session) — and use it in conjunction with my laptop browser to cycle through and/or search for the articles that are appearing on my mobile. This is also rather cumbersome, and I often don’t have my laptop in contexts in which I most like to read stories on Medium.
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